Launching our Website Lessons learned

Getting the Fahrenheit website ready for launch took quite a bit of effort.  Luckily my friend Paul who is an E-Com guru, helped me build it and gave a lot of suggestions and recommendations for best practices when it came to photography, navigation and user experience.    My goal was to build a relatively simple website and later tweak to perfect.  


The one thing I wish I had done at the time is not launch the entire collection at the same time.  I basically had received our first shipment of product and put all of it online.  Marketing is really not my area of expertise so there were some details I had not foreseen. For example, now we launch a new print in our collection every 4 to 6 weeks.  This way, we have an opportunity to refresh our homepage and email our growing customer base to communicate any exciting product additions.  Since we launched our core line such as the camouflage underwear, polka dot underwear, stripe underwear and tartan men's underwear all at once we weren't able to promote as easily.  Now, we flow it in.  For example, we had a gingham underwear collection last year there was a green gingham underwear collection and a blue gingham underwear collection which we launched 3 months apart.  We do offer the entire collection to our wholesale accounts at trade shows which also works very well as they are able to have the exclusive for a few months before it is launched online.

More advise about our Fahrenheit journey to come


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