The story of Fahrenheit is a story of a group of friends and former Brooks Brothers colleagues, each with different strengths, coming together to create a brand. We all kept in touch over the years and dreamed of working together again someday, so decided to make it happen for ourselves and create an authentic brand we are passionate about and can leverage each other's talents and unique skills. As pieces of a puzzle, we all come together to create a whole that would never happen otherwise. Our brand is not about one person, but is about our combined years of expertise and strengths in retail.


After years of hearing complaints about men’s underwear being boring and uncomfortable, we realized that there is no one catering to the working guy who wants a bit of subtle fun and all-day comfort in his underwear and sock drawer. Socks have become the new necktie and guys are adding novelty socks to their daily attire, so we decided to do the same for men's underwear and coordinate with their socks. All three founders joined forces and traveled to Europe several times, where we met to search for the perfect manufacturing partners and materials for our product.  We found the best factories we feel align with our values and treat their workers with respect by providing fair pay, work/life benefits as well as the best working conditions.  Our initial search focused on finding the softest and most comfortable waistband we could develop in Italy.  We realized early on, that most underwear brands cut corners in order to save costs and the waistband is key in getting the product right. Knowing that most brands use synthetic fibers on printed novelty underwear, we focused on developing the best breathable and sustainable cotton stretch printed fabric.  Finally, we agonized over every seam and stitch to ensure that every detail was perfect and would last the test of time through multiple washes while adding some fun to every day moments.  Fahrenheit focuses on product that enhances superior quality and comfort rather than bulk and disposable product which most men are accustomed to when it comes to their undergarments.  Our product has been carefully tested so that each piece supports, flatters and shapes the body enabling the best performance. Because our product fits better you will feel better. Our customers now understand that once they have worn Fahrenheit underwear, there is no going back. 

Monica Yus buying, merchandising, and logistics
William Cooksley manages design and product development
Vita Carucci manages production and runs around our factories in Europe to liaise with sourcing partners